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Honouring a legend

In the little town of OK Falls,

Along the Old Cariboo Trail,

Friends and fans have gathered,

To see what theyd unveil.

To honour our cowboy hero,

Weve come from far and wide,

Its nearly been eight years,

Since Kenny made his final ride.

Lois Hannah was the artist,

Who toiled so long and hard,

To create this incredible statue,

And immortalize our Pard.

Kenny McLean on Warpaint!

Life size and kicking high!

A legendary horse and man,

And legends never die!


Mike Puhallo

PS, The life size statue of Kenny Mclean on Warpaint is being unveiled at 11:00 AM May 8,

 in Centennial Park, Okanagan Falls BC,  truly spectacular tribute to a great cowboy.  MP

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