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Bob Jesson, 1914

August 25, 2003

By Mike Puhallo

Bob Jesson

1914 - August 8, 2003

A tall man on a bay horse,

That's the picture in my head,

"Best all around horseman I ever met" ,

was what my father said.

From the Gang Ranch to Spruce Meadows,

To the green pastures at Noble Creek,

When true horsemen come together,

It's of men like Bob they speak.

From riding rough string in the thirties,

to show ring of today,

In a lifetime spent a horseback

He explored a better way.

These days it's all big money boys,

Every trainer's holding clinics ,

They've got video tapes and how to books

Marketing plans and gimmicks.

And they'll teach all their secrets

for five hundred bucks a lesson.

But I grew up watching horsemen,

Like Lalonde, McDonnell and Jesson

Mike Puhallo

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