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Counting Sheep...

Mike's Meadow Muffin for May 31, 2004

Mark Twain once said the worst thing about a democracy is that you always get the sort of government you deserve...

Counting Sheep...

Spring, is a season full of promises,

that summer's heat will wither with on the vine,

So if you gotta hold an election campaign,

It's probably the perfect time.

My pick-up's in the driveway ,

I can't afford no gas,

Paul says if I buy one more tank...

He'll fix medicare, at last.

He says he'll cut the cost of the gun registry,

'cause it was organised all wrong...

Wasn't he the guy who cooked the books,

For Two Tongue Jean so long?

But with his big block of votes down East,

Ol' Paul won't loose no sleep,

Over voices in the wilderness ,

making promises

they won't have to keep.


Mike Puhallo

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