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The Dance

Mike's Meadow Muffin for June 14

The Dance

The Election campaign is under way,

and the bull is flyin' thick.

Red, Blue, Green or sort of Pink,

You have to take your pick.

Left, right and centre ,

it all confuses me,

Two Tongue Jean has left the Building,

and now Sheila's NDP?

And Poor ol', Joe Who, claims he aint ,

Conservative no more.

And some of Chretiens Forty Thieves,

Have sneaked back in the door!

The Bloc Quebec is holding strong,

The thing they've yet to note,

Is the way to achieve their final goal,
Is to give us all a vote!

Democracy is our National Dance,

though I'm forced to hold my nose,

As I try to choose who will trod,

more lightly on my toes!


Mike Puhallo

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