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Horse Trading,

Mike's Meadow Muffin for June 21, 2004

Horse Trading,

I've been horse poor nearly all my life,

Which don't bother me a lot,

Done some trading, raised a few,

and one or two was bought.

I very seldom sold a horse,

'though I made the odd good deal

I've generally been well mounted,

Good horses,

just have that feel...


I loaded Starlight in their trailer,

The price was right, she had to go,

My pretty filly is starting a new career,

chasing cans at the rodeo.

and the two year old I'm starting,

just might go the same way,

She's also got the looks and speed,

For which them girls will pay.

I've been horse poor nearly all my life,

And the strangest thing I've found,

Now that I'm raising the kind I really like to ride,

I can't keep them around.


Mike Puhallo


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