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Limping Into Summer

Mike's meadow Muffin for July 5, 2004


Limping Into Summer

Through endless summers of our childhood,

running barefoot, all day long,

Through pasture field and pen,

we grew up quick and strong.

Some times I still go barefoot,

Though my feet aint near as tough,

And now the river where we used to swim

don't seem half warm enough

An unshod pony I rode bareback,

into water wither deep,

a farm boys diving platform,

there's a memory to keep.

It's a long time since I've dived from a horse

and I don't know when I will again,

But Sometimes I still go barefoot

Through pasture field and pen.

Of course there is a danger

in barefoot wandering , there's no doubt,

And my wife says I need to wash my feet

Before she'll dig this splinter out!


Mike Puhallo

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