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Where there's Smoke, there's a reporter!

Mike's Meadow Muffin for August 16, 2004

Where there's Smoke, there's a reporter!

In much of BC the tourism industry is being hurt by unfounded worries about forest fires..kind of a hangover from last year's disasters.

We had big rain again last week,

The hills are nice and green,

For the middle part of August ,

It's about the best I've ever seen.

I guess there aint much news value,

in a so-so kind of year,

So the media folks keep digging around,

to stir up a little fear.

Thunder storms, bring lightning,

Along with heavy rain,

a good storm lights a hundred fires,

Then puts them out again.

The forestry guys  and news boys ,

Count the fires every day

just to try to generate a story,

and scare the tourists away!


Mike Puhallo

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