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North Thompson Fall Fair,

Mike's Meadow Muffin for August 30, 2004


North Thompson Fall Fair, 

 Labour Day weekend means Fall fair time,

The Midway and Cattle show,

Chuck wagon races and an old time dance,

after the Rodeo.

I started showing cattle there ,

way back when I was ten,

Rode bucking horses and Brahma bulls,

'till our children came along and then...

I was back there in the livestock barns,

washing steers and coaching kids,

Yes for fifty years on Labour Day,

"Fall Fair" was what we did.

Well My old bronc saddle is long retired

Our offspring have moved away,

There's a lifetime of lingering memories

Of the labours of Labour Day

It will be a change for ma and me,

This time when we go there ,

No broncs to ride, no steers to wash,

We can just enjoy the fair.


Mike Puhallo

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