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Small Boys, Trains and Outlaws

Mike's Meadow Muffin for September 20, 2004

Small Boys, Trains and Outlaws

There was derelict old Steam engine,

I played on when I was ten,

I'd hear that lonesome whistle blow,

and the old west would live again,

I rode with Billy Miner's gang,

To rob The CPR,

Climbed onboard that rusty engine,

hollering, Shorty, check the baggage car!

I wonder if the ghost of ol' Bill Miner,

ever watched us at our play,

Small boys re-enacting ,

a near forgotten day.

Forty years and more have passed,

I still hear that lonesome whistle blow

My pony snorts impatiently ,

She knows it's time to go.

"Pull up your masks and draw your pistols!"

We come around the engine at a run,

Three riders on fast horses,

flashing hooves and blazing gun.

That very same old engine,

I played on as a child,

Now hauls tourists back in time,

to when the West was wild.

Old railroad men and cowboys ,

re-enact a bygone day,

While the grinning ghost of Billy Miner,

watches us at play.


Mike Puhallo

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