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September Blues

Mike's Meadow Muffin for September 27, 2004

 September Blues

Little Brother is out guiding moose hunters,

I'm trying to catch up on chores around here,

after a month of steady rain,

we're way behind, I fear.

We got some hay meadows left to cut,

but the ground is still too soft,

we may have to wait till after freeze up ,

then try to graze it off.

I'm heading East in a couple of days,

To spout some rhymes and lies,

These days anything that makes a payday,

Don't need no alibis.

So we're guiding hunters and reciting poems,

instead of fixing fence,

But with a couple hundred hungry mouths to feed,

chasing dollars, ,just makes sense.

Of course life will be much simpler,

and make more sense to me,

When they finally take the politics and BS,

out of BSE.


Mike Puhallo

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