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Just One More Diabolical CIA Plot ?

Mike's Meadow Muffin for October 4, 2004

 Just One More Diabolical CIA Plot ?

From Come by Chance to Campbell River

Our great nation is cast in Mourning,

Tragedy beyond our deepest fears,

Though we all had ample warning.

SARS, the Soft Wood Lumber Tarriff ,

and that cleverly placed Mad Cow,

We weren't sure if there was a pattern,

But all doubts have vanished now.

I know the CIA is behind it.

Who else could be so cruel and mean,

To force Thirty Million devoted fans,

To stare at an empty screen.

No more Hockey Night In Canada,

The True North is bowed in Shame,

For letting corporate terrorists from South of the line,

Destroy our Sacred Game.


Mike Puhallo

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