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Hangin' On

Mike's Meadow Muffin for October 18, 2004

Hangin' On

We were going to wean our calves last week,

but the offer was to low.

We turned down the bid and turned out the herd,

for another week or so.

Selling cattle on the internet,

Can save a trip to town,

an' it sure cuts the cost of trucking ,

When you turn the rascals down.

Cow business, in the cyber age,

the computer does it all,

We track bloodlines, births, weaning weights,

and market trends in Fall.

October's been warm, the grass is good.

There aint no sign of snow.

We can hold out until the weather turns.

Then them calves will have to go.

That computer thinks he's pretty smart,

He'll stay home save and warm,

While Brother and I, will end up hunting cows,

In the first early winter storm.

Mike Puhallo

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