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Patience, Trust and A Little Luck

Mike's Meadow Muffin for November 8, 2004


Patience, Trust and A Little Luck

There's a dozen old cowboy songs and poems,

about the Zebra Dun,

And this line backed gelding I'm working now,

just might be another one.

Six years old, he's plenty stout,

short coupled and built thick.

His back is bowed, his ears are pinned,

and he kinda wants to strike and kick.

It took a week to sack him out ,

and he don't like my saddle much,

He'll still bog his head at each surprise,

and flinch at every touch.

Now he can't tell me were he's been,

or what kind of wrecks he's had,

But I'm guessing, what he's learned from man,

so far, has been all bad.

I rode him around the pen today,

at a quiet walk of course.

The Zebra Dun has begun his journey,

from bronc, to lady's horse.

Mike Puhallo

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