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How does that old song go...?

How does that old song go...?

"If you got The money, Honey..I got the time."


Little Brother has a pair of colts at the ranch,

He'd like me to come up there and ride,

But I'm waltzing each day with the big Zebra Dun,

And there's more on the line than my pride.

I've got three and a half weeks in on this jug head now,

and we still aint been out of the pen.

Today's the first day he never blew up,

although he still spooks a bit, now and then.

With patience and time,

nearly any young horse,

will learn to see things my way...


they all seem to figure it out,

that fussing and fighting don't pay.

Patience and time,

the owner's and mine,

and I hope that girls pockets are deep,

I'll tame this old coyote and he'll be just fine,

But boys, it aint gonna be cheap! ,


Mike Puhallo

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