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School Daze

Mike's Meadow Muffin for January 24, 2005


School Daze

I left Dean to feed the cattle,

and took the Highway South.

Escaped the bitter Chilcotin winter,

and stepped into the Lions Mouth.

I Buckle on my chaps and spurs,

and pull my old Biltmore down tight,

Can't show no fear or weakness now,

It's time to cowboy up alright!

I swing my rope, and spin some tales,

about not so olden times,

Introducing city kids to the Cowboy Way,

with ranching stories and rhymes.

Now the kids and I have a lot of fun,

That's the easy part you see,

But some of them yuppie lady teachers,

scare the heck right out of me!

Mike Puhallo

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