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Open Sesame ?

Mike's Meadow Muffin February 28, 2005

Open Sesame ?


Do you want to know just how silly bureaucracy can be ?  I was recently asked by a local broadcasting company to speak at a Canadian Radio and Television Commission  hearing in favour of their application to launch a new country music station in Kamloops, I sent the letter off on time but was informed  I could not appear at the hearings because... 

You may wish for what you want.

and want what you wish for,

but if you mistake your wants for wishes,

you'll be trapped outside the door.

Like Ali Babba's fabled cavern,

with it's enchanted gate of stone.

The bureaucratic portals yield ,

to one magic word alone.

So pencil pushers have decreed,

my opinion can't be heard,

I said "I wish to testify."

When, want, was the magic word.

Mike Puhallo

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