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Thrice Three

Thrice Three

The Kamloops Cowboy Festival  began nine years ago, and like cowboy tales 'round a campfire, it just seems to grow and grow. We are in the biggest theatre in town,

And that one was getting tight.

So this year we've added a Dinner Show,

Across the road on Saturday night.

It's the magic of a western song,

And cowboy stories spun in rhyme,

That draws fans here by the hundreds,

to slip the bonds of time.

In swank hotels and elegant theatres

When the room is hushed and the lights are low,

We swap tales around a campfire,

And help those ol' cowboy legends grow.


Mike Puhallo

PS. Kamloops cowboy Festival March 11-13 www.bcchs.com phone 1-888-763-2224

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