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Turn Out Time

Mike's meadow Muffin for May 2, 2005

Turn Out Time

The Saskatoons are blooming,

There's green grass on the Southern slope.

We finally made though to May

The month of blossoms, joy and hope!

I got my irrigation running ,

and pulled the snow tires of my rig,

We'll be branding calves next weekend,

before they get too big.

We're all done with winter feeding,

Pulling calves and pitching hay.

So let's turn them critters out on grass,

and take a tiny holiday.

We'll relax a while, swap some lies,

a hear many a cowboy tune,

At the Annual Wells Gray Round up Camp,

And the old Black Horse Saloon.

Mike Puhallo

PS. Many of Western Canada's favourite cowboy entertainers will be at Wells Gray Ranch May 13, 14 & 15.

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