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Steep Slopes and Green Horses

Mike's Meadow Muffin for May 16, 2005

Steep Slopes and Green Horses

Inspired in that instant when I kicked my feet out the stirrups as I cleared the front of my saddle

and noticed I was about 20 feet in the air with nothing but rocks and pavement below.

Ponderosa Pine, against a clear blue sky

Golden wheatgrass and rocks below,

For one heart-beat at the apex of your trajectory,

time stands still you know !

No excess, for reflection,

On what made your pony stumble,

Just an instant of pure clarity,

before you resume your downward tumble.

This aint no rodeo pen,

with its bed of soft turned dirt.

The landing strip's all broken rock


this is really going to hurt!


Mike Puhallo

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