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Heck It Could Have Been Worse!

Mikes Meadow Muffin May 23, 2005

Heck It Could Have Been Worse!

I remember checking out when my horse started to fall, I don't remember much else until they loaded me in the ambulance.

They tell me I may have set a new altitude record for surviving a swan dive into pavement.

They used a plate and several screws,

to put my right wrist back together.

But I'm in better shape than I might have been,

had my tail stayed in the leather.

Both my kids have cussed on me,

"Dad, you aint no super man,

you just to stick to well broke hoses,

and write all the poems you can."

But It aint as if I got bucked off,

you know, I bailed out of that wreck,

and I'm pretty agile for a fat ol' man,

otherwise I would have broke my neck.

Mike Puhallo

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