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The West, is creation's best

sculpted by ice, wind and fire.

Her children made to match the land,

twisted rawhide and barb wire.

The half moon hangs blood red,

Over a valley choked with smoke,

Stillness beyond quiet,

no night bird or cricket sings.

as nature waits in silent dread ,

to see what tomorrow brings.

Have heard the true voice of courage?

it's not the bravado of fighting men.

It's the whisper of a woman standing in the ashes,

saying " We shall build again! "

Mike Puhallo

I wrote this poem in August 2003  when the firestorm was at it's worst. Gary Fjellgaard took a couple of lines from the poem and turned them into a song, Raw Courage,  which he recorded and released as a single, donating all the proceeds to the North Thompson Fire Relief Fund. Gary Has included that song on his new Album Carraganna Wind which he will debut at a concert  in Barriere BC Friday June 24.  Matt Johnston and  will be opening for him.

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