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Nemiah Valley

Mike's Meadow Muffin for August 8, 2005


Nemiah Valley

It's one of those places I had heard about all my life but never been to, so when they asked me to judge their rodeo I jumped in the pick-up and went!

I've heard stories and legends about Nemiah,

Since I was a very young child,

A beautiful valley tucked away in the mountains

"Where all the horses and Indians was wild"

A place at the end of the gravel,

Where the ways of the past where still new.

Where salmon and trout filled the rivers,

and of Potato Mountain, where wild spuds still grew.

The road there is long and it's dusty,

But the scenery is sure worth the ride.

The rodeo was great, and the people I met,

Are new friends I'll remember with pride.

The wildest event of the weekend,

The Mountain Race on a steep downhill course,

(Like a scene from a Walt Disney Movie,)

was won by girl on an Appaloosa horse!

Mike Puhallo

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