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Some Cows Want to Come Home, some don't.

Mike's Meadow Muffin for September 26, 2005

 Some Cows Want to Come Home, some don't.

There's a touch of frost in the air,

and a little less time each day,

To say goodbye to summer,

and get the equipment put away,

Repair the washed out ditches,

fix each fence and pen,

we've only got about two weeks,

until it's round-up time again.

and we're in the saddle every morning,

'though our riding's often done by noon,

keeping the cattle off the fences,

so they don't come home too soon.

Come mid October the hard riding starts,

and through the hills we'll roam,

searching near and far for the other cows,

That don't want to come home!

Mike Puhallo

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