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Thanksgiving 05

Mike's Meadow Muffin for October 3, 2005

Thanksgiving 05

Thanksgiving's nearly here again,

And regardless of ones view,

On religion, sports or politics,

it's a healthy thing to do,

To tally up your blessings,

the bright spots along the way,

and the challenges that test us

on the road of life each day.

So take the time to reflect a bit,

on all the good things that come by,

I don't care about the turkey,

just pass the pumpkin pie!

Mike Puhallo


To confused friends across the line

who must wait whole month more,

Than us Canucks top find enough

to be truly thankful for.

Yes, we hold Thanksgiving earlier,

But the real reason you should know,

Is, if we wait a month, our pumpkins.

might be lost out in the snow.


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