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Are You Sure These Are The Only Choices?


Mike's Meadow Muffin for Jan 9, 2006

Are You Sure These Are The Only Choices?

The Socialist from Toronto? A white knight with a paste on smile.

Or the re-formed new Conservative,

with Don Cherry's sense of Style?

The Liberals have a brand new scandal,

As they sing the same old song,

"We don't need to step aside

'Cause we aint done nothin' wrong!"

Two Tongue Jean, rewrote the lyrics,

Of Pierre's favourite melody,

He just took out the Fuddle Duddle part,

and taught Paul Martin the harmony.

So on a cold snowy day in January,

We'll trudge off to the polls ,

Then huddle in front of our TVs,

to see how it all unfolds.

They say the race is to close to call,

and I no longer give a hoot,

I'd like to send the leaders one and all

the old Trudeau salute.


Mike Puhallo

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