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"How's Thing's going out your way?"

October 20, 2003

By Mike Puhallo

"How's Thing's going out your way?"

I got a note from a friend in Calgary by email yesterday, that ended with that innocent question, "How's Thing's going out your way?"

Well the forest fires are finally out,

and we've got the cows all in ,

My old truck is out of action ,

'cause the clutch is broke again.

We sold our calves last Friday,

for about two thirds of last years price.

We're short on feed, deep in debt,

and the banker's heart is ice.

They want three grand to fix my pick-up,

and the ol' wreck aint worth that much!

I've got that feeling I should change my ways,

get a regular job and such.

But I've got a column to write,and colts to ride,

So at least for one more day,

I'll keep busy doing what I love,

'till that feeling goes away.

Mike Puhallo

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