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Jerry Zucker Just Wanted a New Coat !

Mike's Meadow Muffin for January 30, 2006

Jerry Zucker Just Wanted a New Coat !

That fellow from South Carolina ,

just bought out the Old Hudson's Bay,

It's the biggest Canadian sell out,

since Gretzky went down to L.A.

For three hundred and thirty five years,

The Bay, had been deeply entwined,

With the history, culture and lore of the North,

It's a big part of how we're defined.

But head office was always in Old London Town,

until just thirty years ago

And company assets have greatly diminished

and over the last two centuries or so.

It's now just a chain of department stores,

no land, no ships, no boats,

And buying the whole outfit, was only way Jerry,

could afford to wear one of them coats!

Mike Puhallo

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