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Hockey Night In Italy?

Mike's Meadow Muffin For February 20, 2006

A Canadian Perspective on the Winter Olympics

Hockey Night In Italy?

Them Olympic Games are nowhere near as fun,

as a Trappers Rendezvous,

But that's all they got on the CBC,

So I guess it will have to do.

Our hockey teams are kicking butt

just like we knew they would ,

But our girls were catching a bit of flack,

Because they played too doggone good!


Maybe them Curlers got the right Idea,

Instead of throwing hissy fits,

If it looks like your gonna get whipped real bad,

just shake hands and call it quits.

Mike Puhallo

PS. I watched every night for prit near a week and never seen no dog sled races.

What kind of winter games are they, if they aint got no dog sled races?

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