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One more reason not to wash the truck!

Mike's meadow Muffin for April 24, 2006


One more reason not to wash the truck!

This time of year, cock pheasants,

Are always on the fight,

To keep the other boys away,

from their own hearts delight.

My neighbour has a shiny truck,

He keeps it sparkling clean,

This Morning I watched the strangest duel,

That I have ever seen!

A ring necked Chinese rooster,

In the battle of his life,

With the chrome mud flap reflection,

that had come to steal his wife!

That ol' rooster didn't weaken

I watched him quite a while,

I didn't think he could whip that truck,

but he sure showed a lot of style.

Victorious he wandered off,

His battered head held high with pride

He looked a little worse for wear,

But the hen was at his side,



Mike Puhallo

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