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The Stuff That Counts

Mike's Meadow Muffin, June 19, 2006

The Stuff That Counts

Ol' Jake is a good cow hand,

one of the best I ever seen,

An' I was asked to write about ol' Jake

for this cowboy magazine.

We got together over coffee,

talked about horses, grass and cattle,

rain soaked trails and wrecks,

and fifty long years in the saddle.

I scribbled out a story,

About thiis fine old hand ,

Who had spent a half a century

a riding for the brand.

But the lady at the magazine

said my story would not do,

To be a good biography,

I must add a thing or two,

Now I've known Jake for forty years,

We've both live the cowboy life,

Now I'm supposed to ask him how many kids he's got,

an' what do they call his wife?

MIke Puhallo

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