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Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

“Never again”, was the heartfelt motto,

“Lest We Forget,” became the Remembrance Day theme,
But the big guns did not long stay silent.

And Peace is still a will o’ wisp dream.

In the “war to end all wars”,

I had one grandfather on each side.

For my parents, my brothers, sisters and I

It’s fortunate neither one died.

Both fought for God and Country,

Believing their cause was just,

Nights they would pray, they’d live to the day,

When the big guns would all turn to rust.

Lest we forget,

The thousands who died in the trenches,

The millions who have perished in pain,

We owe it to all the victims of war,

To keep striving for, “Never again!”

Mike Puhallo

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