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The Spirit of Giving

Dedicated to the volunteers at the Food Banks, Salvation Army, The SPCA and other organisations, who show the true Spirit of Christmas all year round! They really need our help now!

The Spirit of Giving 

I donít really need, an electronic whatzit,

Or a plastic thingamajig

Iím not into watching TV,

So I donít need one twice as big.

There are people living on the streets,

Shivering in the cold,

Some aint got enough to eat,

Some are sick and old.

There are critters, lost and hungry,

In bad need of a home,

Out of sight and out of mind,

Through darkened streets they roam.


One less plastic thingamajig,

Can save a lost kitten from the street,

One less big screen TV,

Could let a hundred families eat!

Mike Puhallo

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