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Wyoming On My Mind

Wyoming on My Mind


Where the Shoshone River Forks,

Just East of Yellowstone,

 There’s a small town in the Mountains,

 Bill Cody once called home.

I got an invitation to go visit there,

Swap some lies and spin a rhyme,

At the museum built to honour,

The most famous showman of all time.


He has been characterized as a hero,

or a womanizing, drunken flake.

But he could shoot and he could ride,

Ol’ Bill was sure no fake.

He took the Wild West to the World,

And no one ever has or will,

Shown a greater passion for our heritage,

For that, we honour Buffalo Bill!


Mike Puhallo


PS. April 12-15,  I will be appearing at the 25th Annual Cowboy Songs and Range Ballads celebration at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center , Cody Wyoming

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