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The Turkey Roundup

I jumped my pony out of the stock truck,

Another day on the range was done…

Until I spotted Tracy’s border collie pup,

Out having a little fun.

They have a dozen free-range turkeys

 That are just about half growed

That pup had gathered up the flock,

And was trying to haze them to the road. 

Now I am hired to tend their cattle,

I aint no turkey Chickaroo,

But a disaster was plumb imminent!

So what else could I do?

Must have been a half a dozen cars,

Pulled off the road to stare.

And I suppose I looked a little silly,

Herding poultry on a sorrel mare,

Good thing my horse has a sense of humour,

 She handled the job just fine,

To tell the truth we penned them gobblers,

In what might be record time.   


Mike Puhallo

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