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Good Day for A Duck (or Cowboy)

Itís been raining hard for a couple days,

Trails are slick, the creeks are high,

But my oilskin and my batwing chaps,

Keep...most of me... and my saddle dry.


My dog, looks like a drowned rat,

But sheís wearing a happy grin,

As she cuts off another wayward cow,

And chases it back in.


For some folks, riding on a day this,

Might seem like misery,

But me and the dog, and my olí horse,

Is happy as can be!


My old Stetsonís kind of soggy,

Other than that, Iím snug and dry,

And ever since it started raining,

I aint seen one darn horsefly.  


Mike Puhallo

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