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Gone To Texas

 I put my saddle in the barn,

Turned my horses out to graze,

Iím on a jet to Texas,

Iíll  be gone about three days.


I hate to leave right now,

Fall riding has just begun.

But I am headed south to gather up,

An award that I have won.


A marble statue of Will Rogers,

Has my name written clear.

Just below the title,

Cowboy Poet of the Year!


My sincere thanks to everyone who has read my poetry and all of those who have lent their support and encouragement.  Special thanks to my darling wife Linda, who has endured 33 years of marriage to; me my cows, horses, dogs, rodeo, art and poetry. Once I asked her why she put up with me and and the lifestyle I put her through?  Her only reply was, ďat least it aint been boringĒ

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