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Jean Chretien Steps down Paul Martin Steps Up.

November 24, 2003

By Mike Puhallo

Jean Chretien Steps down Paul Martin Steps Up.

Well, Ol' Two Tongued Jean, is set to retire,

and let Commodore Martin take the wheel.

Canadian democracy being alive and well,

He's got about five years to run the whole deal.

It will take least that long for the,

Reformed/Progressive, Sort of Conservative, brand new Alliance,

to even come up with a name.

then build a strong enough platform to stretch coast to coast,

and begin to get in the game.

I think Mark Twain had perfect aim

and his barbed comment strikes a nerve.

" The worst thing about a Democracy,

is that you always get what you deserve !"

Mike Puhallo

Mike Puhallo - Mike's Meadow Muffins

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