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Ma's New Pocket Size Cow Dog.

November 17, 2003

By Mike Puhallo

Ma's New Pocket Size Cow Dog.

My wife got herself new puppy

That aint more than six inches tall,

Hannah,the Min-Pin, is a cute little rascal,

but as dogs go, she is awful small.

Border Collies are the only kind of dogs,

That I have ever chosen to own,

and I've sure never had any use for, lap dogs,

If the simple truth be known.

But Ma still has her job in town,

To help keep the Bank at bay,

So I have this tiny canine companion,

with me on the farm all day.

To the barn cats and the cattle,

she shows no trace of fear,

Although she takes refuge in my coat pocket,

When the horses come too near.

Mike Puhallo

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