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The Project

September 15, 2003

By Mike Puhallo

Saturday September 20, at 8:00 PM In Cavary Temple Church ,Kamloops, there will be a benefit concert for the North Thompson Fire Relief Fund . Produced by the BC Cowboy Heritage Society and the Kamloops Cattle Drive Society . Featured performers are, Gary Fjellgaard, Tammy Gislasen, Mike Puhallo, Matt Johnston, Danny Mack, Hugh McLennan, Butch Falk, Bud Webb and Dave Longworth .

Among other Hilights Gary Fjellgaard will be releasing a new song produced for this event.

For further information call 1-888-763-2224 or (250) 579-5667 or email mikepuhallo@direct.ca

Mike's Meadow Muffin For September 15, 2003

The Project

A few lines I penned a month ago,

about courage and a blood red moon ,

have inspired a friend to craft a song,

and compose a brand new tune .

The musicians and the studio boys,

donated their talent and time,

to help Gary record and produce a CD,

that grew from my little rhyme.

That song is ready for release,

as a fund raiser, for our neighbors and friends

to help rebuild their shattered lives ,

and find a way to start again.

Mike Puhallo

"Raw Courage" recorded by Gary Fjellgaard will be released as a single recording. All studio and production coast have beebn donated so that revenue from the CD may be dedicated towards The fire relief. The song will also be debuted at the

Fire Relief Benefit Concert 8 pm Saturday Sept. 20 Calvary Temple Church Kamloops BC


The West

is creation's best

sculpted by, ice, wind and fire.

Her children made to match the land,

twisted of rawhide and barb wire.

The half moon hangs blood red,

Over a valley choked with smoke,

Stillness beyond quiet,

no night bird or cricket sings.

as nature waits in silent dread ,

to see what tomorrow brings.

Have you ever heard the true sound of courage?

it's not the bravado of fighting men.

It's the whisper of a woman standing in the ashes,

saying " We shall build again! "

Mike Puhallo

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