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Is It Really Over?

Mike's Meadow Muffin Dec. 29, 2003.

Is It Really Over?

Well it's Meadow Muffin Number Fifty-Two,

Time for my traditional..... year end review.

This time around it don't seem fair,

as my wife keeps sayin', "now Darlin' don't swear"

With so much grief,

just where do you begin ?,

As vintage years go,

we should have left the cork in!

On the upside, we survived it,

Some might even say, with style!

for the courage and generosity shown,

Will be remembered quite a while.

The battered ghost of two thousand three, lies dyin' in the ditch,
and there aint a cow man north of The Medicine Line gonna miss this sonofa.....

Happy New Year!

Mike Puhallo

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