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Cowboy Up!

Mike's Meadow Muffin for January 5, 2004

Cowboy Up!

The past year was a rank one ,

with lots of twists and turns,

the kind that leaves the best of hands,

with bruises and rope burns.

Now the boss has run a new one in,

that's bound to test our sand,

She'll pick up, where ought -three left off ,

so we'd better make our stand.

Snub 'er up real quick,

and cinch your saddle tight,

If we get by the first few jumps,

She should turn out all right.

Old "Ought - Three" was a renegade,

who got a lot of good hands throwed.

I think this year will end up fair and gentle,

Once we get them first months rode!

Mike Puhallo

Happy New Year !

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