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A snowy road,

Mike's Meadow Muffin for January 19, 2004

  A Snowy Road

We had a real close call last week, when our car was struck by an impaired driver in a big 4x4.

I figured the airbags saved our lives, my wife says it was our Guardian Angel !

A snowy road,

we're half way home ,

I see that pick-up swerve a bit,

I start moving over as he straightens out,

then he really looses it....

No time to think, no place to go,

One big BANG!

then it's all too still.

Amid tangled steel and shattered glass,

just breathing ..,

takes some will.

I reached out for my Darling wife,

Thank GOD!

She is still alive..


It was way too close ..

And all I've left to say is,

If you're going to drink, don't drive.

Mike Puhallo

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