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Ode To Chee Witt

Mike's Meadow Muffin for January 26, 2004


Ode To Chee Witt

Sometime in late winter the Mountain Chickadee suddenly changes it's tune from the familiar "chick-de de" to three long clear notes rising then falling "deee - deee - deeee."

Well we've got January nearly whipped,

and it's almost Ground Hog Day!

With millions of folks staring into holes

just begging, to be led astray.

Ah! Them rodents are all liars ,

It's easy enough to see.

That's why I get my winter weather tips,

from the Mountain Chickadee.

When Chee Witt sings her Chinook song,

Just three notes, clear and strong,

The warm days will out number the cold ones,

and winter won't last too long.

Of course that's a Chilcotin legend,

Don't help them folks back East, might be.

But today I heard the late winter song,

Of the Mountain Chickadee.


Mike Puhallo

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