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Mike's meadow muffin for Feb 2, 2004


In the deserts of Nevada, There's a quiet old cow town,

that was on the verge of folding up,

when the nearby mines shut down.

Where Garcia's made their silver bits,

and they still grazed a cow or two,

Until the Government decided the wild horses,

should have all the grass that grew.

Then Elko nearly blew away,

with nothing left to hold things down,

... rusty rails and empty store fronts,

another soon to be... ghost town.

Then twenty years ago some poets,

gathered there to swap some lies,

and Elko started drawing crowds,

Like "You know what" draws flies.

Now the place is booming,

'though the mines are still shut down,

It's where cowboy poets walk like kings

because their BS saved the town!


Mike Puhallo

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