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Tales Of the Cariboo Trail,

Mike's Meadow Muffin for February 23, 2004

The Theme for the 2004 Kamloops Cowboy Festival March 12, 13  & 14 is;

Tales Of the Cariboo Trail,

It's been nearly two hundred years,

since David Stuart rode up from the South

On a moccasin trail ten thousand years old,

from the Okanagan's mouth.

It was the trade route of the Shuswaps,

that would become the Cariboo trail.

Life line of British Columbia

before the coming of the rail.

The fur brigades and cattle drives,

the miners in search of gold,

Followed the winding valley paths,

as did the Human Beings of old.

From Kamloops to the Columbia,

Before the coming of the rails,

It was the life line of British Columbia,

and that road has many tales.

Mike Puhallo


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