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Does This Mean The Drought Is Over ?

Mike's Meadow Muffin for September 13, 2004

Does This Mean The Drought Is Over ?

I hear the Peace River country had some snow,

and we've had six weeks of rain,

If you're looking at the river level,

You'd swear it's June again.

We stopped haying back in August,

with 50 acres left to cut,

Now the trail down to that meadow ,

is just one big muddy rut.

But the fall grass is looking good,

and most of the water holes are full,

and October meadow hay,

will feed a ten cent cow or bull.

Some day soon the sun will shine,

and we'll get finished haying,

And I'll not complain about the rain,

after five dry years of praying.

Mike Puhallo

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