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Kinda Chilly Huh?

Mike's Meadow Muffin for January 10, 2005

Of course the good news is, if the cold hangs in another week Gordon Campbell can start taking credit for solving the mountain pine beetle problem !


Kinda Chilly Huh?

The packed snow creaks,

like pole gate hinges, beneath the cloven feet.

of cattle shrouded in a fog bank formed,

of exhaled breath and body heat.

After a half dozen mild winters,

I'm getting soft...

might be,

The thermometer's stuck

where it froze last week,

but it feels colder now to me.

Hay stacks and woodpiles dwindle fast,

When the  Artic front digs in,

After the first ten days or so,

Your warmest coat's...

too thin.


Mike Puhallo

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