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Right Where I left It

Mike's Meadow Muffin for May 30, 2005

Right Where I left It

I started life a South paw,

In grade one, I slipped right through.

But they set out to put the cure on me,

When I was in grade two.

The transition wasn't easy,

But that ol' teacher held her ground,

Any time I used my left hand,

on my knuckles she would pound!

Yes, I learned to use my right hand,

But often shook with silent rage,

When chided for bad penmanship,

or a poorly drawn art page.

With my right hand out of action

from a recent riding fall.

I tried writing with my left,

and it weren't that bad at all !

So lately I've been practicing,

with paintbrush rope and pen.

My left hands skills are childlike,

but that's where I left it,

way back when !

Mike Puhallo

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