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Can You Hear Me Now ? "Thanks !"

Mike's Meadow Muffin for November 21, 2005

Can You Hear Me Now ? "Thanks !"

Two horses in the trailer,

and a round bale in the truck,

And two hundred fifty miles to home,

I suppose I was pushing my luck!

It's a skookum load for a half ton,

But we've made the trip before,

Across the Chilco and the Fraser,

...hear that busted muffler roar.

Until we turned left at 93,

She was running tickety-boo.

Then tranny started heating up,

There weren't much I could do.

We limped our way to the top the hill,

And rolled down the other side.

About five miles south of Little Fort,

The transmission was finally fried.

Thanks to cell phones, good friends and triple A,

The cavalry is never too far away!

Mike Puhallo

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