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The guy on the radio says it's Spring!

Mike's Meadow Muffin for March 22, 2004

The guy on the radio says it's Spring!

The snow in the valley is prit near gone,

There's some green on the southern slope,

Spring, is a time of muddy boots,

new life and renewed hope.

The horses fed, I pause by the barn,

feeling much at eaze,

as I drink the sounds and smells,

that ride the gentle southern breeze.

A subtle sound, seems out of place...

I soon locate the scource,

of the drip and gurgle of running water ,

A broken line in the stock tank of course.

My joyfull bliss on this sweet spring morn,

has turned into a bummer,

I trade my cowboy hat for a baseball cap,

today I am the plumber!


Mike Puhallo

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